RHIZOME Presents: State of the GIF

Panel discussion exploring the past, present, and future of the GIF and online visual culture.

Start: Sat Jun 17th 3:00pm

End: Sat Jun 17th 4:00pm

Live Music by Moon Bounce

Mutant Pop from Philadelphia

Start: Sat Jun 17th 7:00pm

End: Sat Jun 17th 8:30pm

Sold Out
Radical Digital Painting: The future of pictures

Artist and programmer Jeffrey Alan Scudder (JAS) lectures on digital painting and performs with a variety of his home-grown software instruments for making unique pictures and sounds

Start: Sun Jun 18th 3:00pm

End: Sun Jun 18th 4:00pm

VR Show & Tell

Presented by Superbright, Planeta, and Wallplay. Demo a handful of VR experiences exploring the intersection of digital art and cool-looking helmets.

Start: Sun Jun 18th 6:00pm

End: Sun Jun 18th 8:30pm

Inside the Heads of GNOG

Presented by game designer Samuel Boucher of KO_OP Learn about the delightful puzzle game GNOG with a guided play-through and artist talk from the award-winning designer

Start: Mon Jun 19th 7:00pm

End: Mon Jun 19th 9:00pm

An Explorer's Guide to Internet Archaeology

Presented by Atlas Obscura Join Atlas Obscura and GIPHY for a journey into the deepest depths and darkest corners of the internet.

Start: Tue Jun 20th 7:00pm

End: Tue Jun 20th 9:00pm

Wallplay Presents: Frame by Frame

An interactive workshop on how to transform your art into .GIF’s Featuring live demos with Wallplay artists & audience participants

Start: Wed Jun 21st 3:00pm

End: Wed Jun 21st 5:00pm

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